Rosanna Baker

Academic Titles: 
Research Associate
Urban Lab
(410) 502-6716
Selected Publications:
Baker RP, Urban S. (2015) Cytosolic extensions directly regulate a rhomboid protease by modulating substrate gating. Nature 523, 101–105. [ link ]
Dickey WS, Baker RP, Cho S, Urban S. (2013) Proteolysis inside the membrane is a rate-governed reaction not driven by substrate affinity. Cell 155, 1270–1281. [ pdf ]
Baker RP, Urban S. (2012) Architectural and thermodynamic principles underlying intramembrane protease function. Nature Chemical Biology. 8, 759–768. [ link ]
Baxt LA, Baker RP, Singh U, Urban S. (2008) An Entamoeba histolytica rhomboid protease with atypical specificity cleaves a surface lectin involved in phagocytosis and immune evasion. Genes & Development 22, 1636–1646. [ link ]
Baker RP, Young K, Feng L, Shi Y, Urban S. (2007) Enzymatic analysis of a rhomboid intramembrane protease implicates transmembrane helix 5 as the lateral substrate gate. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 104, 8257–8262. [ link ]
Baker RP, Wijetilaka R, Urban S. (2006) Two Plasmodium rhomboid proteases preferentially cleave different adhesins implicated in all invasive stages of malaria. PLoS Pathogens 2, e113. [ link ]