Jamie Wangen, Jacob Heng, Elizabeth Park Receive Outstanding Presentation Awards for 2016-17 Journal Club Series

Congratulations to Jamie Wangen, Jacob Heng, Elizabeth Park, recipients of the Outstanding Presentation awards for the 2016-17 Journal Club series. Among a great year of talks, their presentations stood out as exemplary (in chronological order):


10/28/16 Jamie Wangen, (Green Lab, 4th year BCMB)
JC advisor: Randy Reed
Warm-Sensitive Neurons that Control Body Temperature


1/20/2017 Jacob Heng, (Nathans Lab, 3rd year MSTP)
JC advisor: Steve Desiderio
Ebola Virus Glycoprotein with Increased Infectivity Dominated the 2013-2016 Epidemic


3/24/17 Elizabeth Park, (Holland Lab, 3rd year BCMB)
JC advisor: Sin Urban
Inhibition of CRISPR-Cas9 with Bacteriophage Proteins