A natural single-guide RNA repurposes Cas9 to autoregulate CRISPR-Cas expression

Work by RE Workman and T Pammi from the Modell lab:

CRISPR-Cas systems provide their prokaryotic hosts with acquired immunity against viruses...

Multiplexed monitoring to track single cell signaling dynamics

We highlight the research of the Regot Lab:


A fundamental property of living cells is their extraordinary ability to sense and...

Scalable and versatile genome editing using linear DNAs with microhomology to Cas9 Sites in Caenorhabditis elegans

Work by Alex Paix from the Seydoux Lab:

"Homology-directed repair (HDR) of double-strand DNA breaks is a promising method for genome...

Recent Publications

Coller, J., Ignatova, Z. tRNA therapeutics for genetic diseases. Nat Rev Drug Discov (2023).

Martin, S., Allan, K.C., Pinkard, O. et al. Oligodendrocyte differentiation alters tRNA modifications and codon optimality-mediated mRNA decay. Nat Commun 13, 5003 (2022).


John Paul Tsu Ouyang, Wenyan Lucy Zhang and Geraldine Seydoux. The conserved helicase ZNFX-1 memorializes silenced RNAs in perinuclear condensates. Nature Cell Biology, 2022.

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Wang Y, Venkatesh A, Xu J, Xu M, Williams J, Smallwood PM, James A, Nathans J. The WNT7A/WNT7B/GPR124/RECK signaling module plays an essential role in mammalian limb development. Development. 2022 May 1;149(9):dev200340. doi: 10.1242/dev.200340. Epub 2022 May 12. Link

Saito K, Kratzat H, Campbell A, Buschauer R, Burroughs AM, Berninghausen O, Aravind L, Green R, Beckmann R, Buskirk AR. Ribosome collisions induce mRNA cleavage and ribosome rescue in bacteria. Nature. 2022 Mar;603(7901):503-508. doi: 10.1038/s41586-022-04416-7. Epub 2022 Mar 9. Link

Poyton MF, Feng XA, Ranjan A, Lei Q, Wang F, Zarb JS, Louder RK, Park G, Jo MH, Ye J, Liu S, Ha T, Wu C. Coordinated DNA and histone dynamics drive accurate histone H2A.Z exchange. Sci Adv. 2022 Mar 11;8(10):eabj5509. doi: 10.1126/sciadv.abj5509. Epub 2022 Mar 9. Link

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