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Another Telomere-Regulating Enzyme Found

Researchers identify a novel protein that helps maintain the length of chromosome-capping telomeres


Under Pressure. 

Mechanical stress is a key driver of cell-cell fusion, study finds


Pushing the Boundaries

Johns Hopkins study provides key insight into how cells fuse


New Trick Found for How Cells Stay Organized

Unique boundary found for little-known cellular compartment


Cellular Sentinel Prevents Cell Division When the Right Machinery Is Not in Place

Machinery helps guide chromosomes during division


Alert to Biologists: Ribosomes Can Translate the "Untranslated Region" of Messenger RNA

How ribosome function can go wrong, how cancer cells grow and how normal cells respond to stress




June 29, 2015

Jeremy Nathans, M.D., Ph.D.
Inaugural recipient of the Samuel Theobald Professorship of Ophthalmology


May 11, 2015

Geraldine Seydoux, Ph.D.

Inaugural recipient of The Huntington Sheldon, M.D., Professorship in Medical Discovery


April 3, 2013

Se-Jin Lee, M.D., Ph.D.

Recipient of South Korea’s Ho-Am Prize in Medicine.  Award recognizes contributions to understanding of muscle wasting.